BBL’s Quality Management Systems (QMS) covers quality procedures and methods in accordance with ISO/TS 16949 : standards. All BBL plants are TS 16949 certified. The BBL Hosur plant is also ISO 14001 : certified. BBL Coimbatore plant is also certified for ISO 14001 : and OHSAS 18001 : certified.

BBL’s Quality Policy

  • Commitment to continuous quality improvements as the engine of our business
  • Goals that drive our efforts, measure progress and provide for process improvement
  • Training to provide knowledge, skills and tools that enhance our efforts
  • Create an environment that encourages our employees and vendors to prevent defects
  • Total Quality Management (TQM)

The QMS processes adhered to in the production facilities are as follows:

Alloy Powder Plant

  • Chemical composition
  • Flow rate
  • Particle shape
  • Size distribution
  • Oxide content

Aluminium Alloy Bonding Line

  • Chisel track testing
  • Microstructure examination
  • Hardness testing of steel and alloy
  • Strip thickness and width

Copper Alloy Sintering Lines

  • Checks for powder spread
  • Furnace temperature
  • Gas conditions
  • Line speed
  • Chiesel track & fracture test for bond strength and porosity
  • Hardness of steel and alloy
  • Strip thickness and width

Bearing & Bushing Plants

  • Wall thickness
  • Crush height
  • Free spread
  • Proper location, alignment and depth of oil holes, grooves and notch
  • Blue contact
  • Visual inspection