Bimetal Bearings Limited manufactures a wide range of Engine Bearings, Bushings, Thrust Washers, Alloy Powder and Bimetallic Strips.

BBL’s product range includes:

Engine Bearings
  • Plated and non plated bearings in copper and aluminium based alloys (leaded & lead free) - 25 mm to 250 mm OD
  • Connecting rod bearings
  • Main bearings
  • Roll formed flange bearings
  • Bimetallic & steel bushings
  • Conrod bushings, cam bushings, rocker lever bushings
  • 25 mm to 85 mm OD
  • Bushings with ID plating
Thrust Washers
  • Thrust washers upto 225 mm OD
Copper Alloy Powders
  • Wide range of water atomised copper and copper based alloy powder for use in sintered bearing materials, sintered parts and friction material
  • Process established for lead free copper alloy powders
Sintered Copper Alloy Strips
  • 0.75 mm upto 5.50 mm thickness
  • 70 mm upto 250 mm width
Aluminium Alloy Strips
  • Cladded aluminium alloy strips
  • Upto 5.50 mm thickness
  • 70 mm to 200 mm width