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Bimetal Bearings Limited is one of India’s leading manufacturers of Engine Bearings, Bushings, Thrust Washers, Alloy Powder and Bimetallic Strips

BBL is a member company of the Amalgamations group, one of India’s largest light engineering conglomerates. The Amalgamations group serves a cross section of Indian industry covering manufacturing, trading, distribution, printing and publishing).

Some of the major engineering companies of the Group are Simpson & Co., (Diesel Engines), Tractors & Farm Equipment Ltd., (Tractors), Amco Batteries Ltd., (Automotive batteries), BBL Daido Pvt Ltd., (PTFE based bushings), India Pistons Ltd., (Pistons), IP Rings Ltd., (Piston rings), Shardlow India Ltd., (Crankshafts & forgings), Amalgamations Repco Ltd., (Starter ring gears), Amalgamations Valeo Clutch Pvt Ltd., (Automotive clutch systems), Stanadyne Amalgamations Pvt Ltd., (Fuel injection pumps)

BBL, since inception has had a strong OEM orientation with significant SOB with all leading OEMs. BIMITE the aftermarket brand is the preferred choice of the discerning aftermarket. BBL’s strong material base and state of the art manufacturing systems has helped it make strong inroads in the international markets too.