a) Important Communication to the physical shareholders as per SEBI Circulars

b) SEBI Circular 03-11-2021 - Common and Simplified Norms for processing Investors Service Requests by RTAs

c) SEBI Circular 14-12-2021 - Clarifications to Circular Dt.3rd Nov 2021

d) SEBI Circular 25-01-2022 - Issuance of Securities in demat form in case of Investor Service Requests

e) Form ISR-1 (PAN and KYC)

f) Form ISR-2 (Confirmation of signature of securities holder with the banker)

g) Form ISR-3 (Declaration for opting out of Nomination)

h) Form SH-13 (Nomination form)

i) Form ISR-4 (Investor Service Requests)